Miami Township is a much different place now than when I moved here in 1972.  At that time, there were approximately 8,500 residents and a lot of the Township was still farmland.  Today, the Township has a population of over 43,000 people and, for the most part, it has been built to capacity.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, people were moving here as fast as homes could be built.  The Township’s revenues were increasing at a rapid pace.  For those citizens who are not aware, 85% of Miami Township’s revenue comes from property taxes, so as new homes were built and residents began moving in, revenues exploded.

Today it is much different.  With the Township built out at near capacity, revenues are fairly constant year over year.  In addition, Miami Township has lost funding sources through stat cuts such as the elimination of the estate tax, and reduced local government funds, which put additional strains on revenue and the budget.

One of the major responsibilities of the Fiscal Office is to prepare accurate budgets that department heads can rely on, and to insure that they do not exceed those expenditures.  In fact, a budget is no more than a guide.  It does not mean you must spend that money.  If purchases can be delayed or if there is a better solution to solve the problem, then those options must be discussed and thought through.

As I run for another four year term as your Fiscal Officer, the Township needs a person who has a strong financial background, and a proven ability to control budgets.  Now that revenues are increasing at a much slower pace than in past years, my experience with finding new sources of revenue and budget controls in the private and public sector is exactly what the residents of Miami Township need at this time.

I want to thank the voters for having the confidence in my abilities as your Fiscal Officer over the past several years.  As I run for re-election this November, I look forward to serving you for another four year term as your Miami Township Fiscal Officer.


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